Privacy Information

Parents and caregivers need to be aware of two new features of the Premier's Reading Challenge, that all students who successfully complete a validated online reading record qualify for a PRC certificate and will appear on the PRC Honour Roll.

Schools registering students must ensure that a parent/caregiver understands that all students entering the Premier's Reading Challenge will receive a PRC Certificate and appear in the PRC Honour Roll. The certificate shows the student's name and school. Only students' name will appear in the Honour Roll with no other identifying factors. Participating schools appear as a separate list and homeschools are not listed individually.

Schools may wish to send privacy information about the certificate and Honour Roll home as a note or publish it in the school newsletter. Parents and caregivers can also be directed to read the information on this website. Parents must be aware of the conditions of entry and inform the school if they object to their child participating in the Challenge.

Students who do not wish to receive a certificate or be on the Honour Roll should not register for the Challenge. These students may do the Challenge unofficially, they may use the PRC booklists and can seek recognition in their local school community but they cannot enter an official record.

Students may need to provide some information about their past participation in the Challenge when completing their online reading records to ensure students doing the Challenge successfully for the fourth time receive their gold certificate. Coordinators/mentors helping students complete their online records, or supervising student completion of the records, may wish to capture information about students' past participation.